The Future of GBG – Part 2

In the previous article, I talked about how the website could be used to connect to others that share your passions. The website is a great tool that I hope more people will utilize more often to help them connect. But the website is just one of the tools that can be used to help us connect.

Great Basin Geeks is all about connecting Geeks and helping them grow. While the website is a great tool, it is not the ends, it is one of the means. In this article I want to go over some of the other ways we want to connect people and help them build strong relationships with their fellow Geeks.

Over the past couple of years, the Geeks have done a variety of things to try and connect people. We have gone to many events and talked to people about the work we’re doing. We have promoted local events that were of a Geeky nature or had Geeky ties. We started holding our own meetings. We’ve worked hard to get people out of the house and in front of one another.

But we can, and will, do so much more.

One of the earliest activities that the Geeks did was movie nights, where we would go to lunch or dinner and a movie. While “After Earth” tried to ruin this, it’s something that should return. While we may have missed a good number of the big Summer Blockbusters, there are always new movies coming. For the most part, we try to keep things on a budget, so at this point we’re thinking movies at Grand Sierra Cinema, which are $4 a ticket for all showings, and $5 Tuesdays at Cinemark. While most of us prefer the comfort of the Galaxy Theatre, to allow the most people to join in on the fun, we’ll only do movies there occasionally. Star Wars The Force Awakens will be one of those exceptions, as you’ve probably seen the event listed in which we are going to sell out one of the first showings.

Another thing that we want to do again are Game Nights. The Game Night at Comic Kingdom was a lot of fun and we would like to have nights like that again. Crowding was an issue that we will work on, and in the future we would like to have a few games picked out ahead of time so people can coordinate what they want to play. We would also like to see a Beginner’s option at each event for people to learn games that interest them, but might have a steep learning curve. I know Magic the Gathering was mentioned as a game that people would like to learn and I know we have members that could help people new to the game.

A fun idea that has come up is a GBG Book Club. GBG Member Matthew Hinkle has shown great passion in the idea that he submitted and we will support him to get this going. I know one of the books that has been mentioned, that I am excited to read, is Ready Player One. We’re still working out the details, where this will be held and such, but this will be a fun way to share our passions. Please contact Matthew or me if you are interested in participating.

Another great idea that many have discussed are Educational Day Trips. Our first such event will be on August 15th, with our Donner Party! On the day, we will carpool up to Donner Lake. We’ll start at the Visitor Center, take the tour, and learn about the Donner area and the infamous Donner Party. We will then find a spot near the lake to have a BBQ. We will have a themed meal, with things like Ribs being served out of a scarecrow type body. While our trips will have an educational element, we will always have fun with the subject. There are so many options for these trips. Some of the other options that have been mentioned include Hidden Cave, Lake Tahoe, The Discovery Museum, Fleischmann Planetarium, Virginia City, and several others.

One thing that we haven’t really done up to this point is Play Dates. We can do so many things as a group, from Bowling to Mini-Golf and so many other things. There are several places around town that offer Bowling, several more that offer Mini-Golf. We could also play Laser Tag, or drive Go Karts. We could go to Wild Island and do most all of these things and also enjoy the Water Park.

There are so many fun activities that we can do as a group here in Northern Nevada. And all of these activities will give us an opportunity to get to know our fellow Geeks, to make connections and build relationships.

Have ideas for more activities and events that we can do as a group? Please share! Comment here or email me at

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