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Marissa Ames
Using details from a lifetime of research, Marissa Ames entertains both adults and teens with tales of action, adventure, and a little romance. Her novels Minstrel and Vassal immerse readers into the medieval-based fantasy world of Tir Athair. She is currently working on Huntsman, the third novel in the Tir Athair series, and collaborates with many worthy writers on diverse anthologies. In her real life, she manages a day job, a husband and two teenage children, and an entire urban farm just a mile south of downtown Reno, Nevada, in the United States. You can follow her blog at http://www.marissaames.com

The Clarke Brothers
Clarke Bros
Tom and Forrest are two brothers who have been involved with music for many years. Born in Reno, Nevada – Forrest and Tom have taken the love of their Irish roots and the music of Ireland to create an acoustic sound that is both traditional and new. Blending the traditional Irish sound with current celtic punk/rock bands such as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, and The Pogues, it’s guaranteed to be a good time. To book us for your event, bar/pub, ect. contact us HERE, our e-mail (theclarkebros@gmail.com), or by phone: 775-530-1759 for Forrest or 210-365-1226 for Tom.

Elgin Alway
Alway Red Headshot
Entertainer Elgin Alway’s stage presence, comedic mind and unique brand of stand-up comedy have been winning over audiences for many years. He is a multi-talented entertainer, who continues to sharpen his skills as an actor, musician, writer, performer and comedian, in venues all over the west coast.
By blending skills from a variety of entertainment disciplines, Elgin creates an unforgettable night of laughs and entertainment. Elgin has been called a “chameleon of comedy” because of his unique ability to read the mood of the crowd, and then build his act around that audience. He continues to give patrons more than what they expect.
He is able to skillfully blend well written comedy with improvisational jokes, while connecting with the audience throughout his performance. Elgin is adaptive, interactive and very User Friendly.
Click here to see a sample of his work.

Kiba Walker
Kiba Headshot
Kiba Walker is a local musician and voice actor, whose works include Mike Connelly in “Zoolaplex”, Wyatt McFly Blakely in “Aptitude”, Eric Eastwick in “The Intermine Legacy”, and many others. He was also the frontman of the local band “The Stereo Killers”, and still is an award-winning performer in Reno.

The Reno Video Game Symphony
The Reno Video Game Symphony is a unique program focused on music performance and education: working with its members through rehearsal, teaching the community through performance, and learning with the world through collaboration. Our group is built on an appreciation of video games as a modern artistic medium. Video games have immense potential in the improvement of our lives, and we believe that video games are a uniquely inclusive medium that almost anybody can enjoy.

Bobby Davis
Robert L. Davis is an author, born and raised in Reno, NV. He started self-publishing in 2014, and reached the top 100 on the Kindle Short Reads charts with his short story compilation “The Lover, The Escort, The Narcissist & The Truth.” Later that same year he published the sci-fi/romance mashup “The Many Facets of Yesterday” through a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed for a print run. Later this year he will be releasing his third book, the thriller “Meet Me At The Streetlamp.” When he’s not writing, Robert goes by his childhood name of Bobby, and enjoys video games, pen and paper roleplaying games, and working with computer hardware. He hosts the Tentacle Car Podcats with his longtime friends. You can hear it at tentaclecar.com.

Dr. Christine Boston
Dr. Christine Elisabeth Boston is a physical anthropologist who specializes in bioarchaeology. Her graduate studies focused on prehistoric and historic populations of Chile, including the Chinchorro mummies. She is an Anthropology Instructor and the Anthropology Coordinator at Truckee Meadows Community College. Boston is active in the community, serving as a volunteer for the Nevada Historical Society, guest lecturer at the Discovery Museum and TMCC, and the Panels & Speakers Coordinator for RAGECon.

Rob Mather (aka) Madmather
Rob Headshot
Born and raised in Boise, Idaho and currently taking residence in Sparks, Nevada.
Rob had his debut in 2014 with his independent comic book Wormwood.
As a self publisher, art innovator and creator of Spout Comics. Rob utilizes growing up watching horror films to build his Spout Comics name with the zombie genre being the focus of his story telling.
Rob’s approach to zombies is unconventional to your everyday comic books. With a methodical biblical twist and mixed art with photography. His comic is surly one to add to the collections of comic lovers and horror fans alike.
2014 was just the beginning of the convention life for Rob.
Opening doors to unforeseen avenues such as local news interviews, zombie acting for a local commercial
promoting The Walking Dead and a zombie extra with Norman Reedus for Beats by Dre Presents: SoloSelfie national commercial.
Rob continues to bring something for everyone at his booths and rarely seen not participating in Cosplay. From buttons, stickers, prints, T-shirts, sketch cards, metal printed cards, commissions, sketch cover art on verity of comics, original paintings from small water colors, acrylic canvases, new and used skateboards and snowboards and always free signings.
Find him at Facebook.com/Madmather

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson of Out of the Dust Designs is a freelance artist in Reno, Nevada. He is self-taught and continues to push the boundaries of his art by mixing mediums and techniques to create unique pieces. Chris works in acrylic and watercolor paints, graphite, ink and even wood, he creates original and fan art pieces with a creative twist for all to enjoy. Often focusing on his love of comics, sci-fi and fantasy, there is sure to be something of interest to everyone.
Chris’ story has been published in several local newspapers including the Sparks Tribune and the Reno Gazette Journal and he has been recognized for bringing his Christian faith into his work and business model by donating 10% or more of all his art profits to local charity and outreach and donating pieces to local causes. Most notably, Awaken, Inc., which helps stem the tide of human trafficking in Northern Nevada and Doors to Recovery, a program aimed to help people recover from the struggles of addiction.
Check out more on Out of the Dust Desgins at www.outofthedustdesigns.com

Dan Bailey
Dan is a passionate gamer, and spends as much time playing video and table top games as he can, when he isn’t busy making his own games. As a self-proclaimed “Uber Nerd”, Dan is a huge fan of all things Star Wars, Firefly, and Final Fantasy. He has been in the video game industry for about eight years and has worked as a programmer, animator, and a producer. Starting out as a freelance QA tester, Dan got to work on titles including Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Diablo III. Dan eventually got an internship at Blizzard, where he worked on the first expansion to StarCraft II, Heart of the Swarm. After completing his masters degree, Dan worked in Irvine as an External Producer for one of Korea’s largest software and Game Developers, where he continued to ship multiple AAA games. After merging the US branch with the headquarters in Korea, Dan moved back to Reno to start his own video game studio, Dorkatorium Games.

R.S. Archey
R.S. Archey is a new writer in the world of fiction. He mostly works in the areas of fantasy and horror, but also dabbles in science fiction. His self-published works include The Seven Spires and the Crucible short story series, and his most recent story will be published in an upcoming volume of Sanitarium Magazine. He lives with his wife, children, and a small zoo of animals in Nevada. Learn more at www.rsarcheybooks.com

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