Cons & Beyond: How We Cosplay As this year’s festivities come to an end, we invite you to join local cosplayers as we discuss how we can have fun with cosplay throughout the year, both on and off the convention floor.

Thrifty Cosplay Cosplay doesn’t have to cost a fortune! From fabric to thrifting, from Nerf Guns to Sintra, from craft foam to EVA, there are a lot of great ways to cosplay without breaking the bank!

Author Panel with special guests RS Archey and Shaunta Grimes. Come join two of Reno’s local authors for a panel on their favorite subject: rejection and rewrites! Handling good news is easy. It’s the bad news that we could always use a little help with.

Voice Acting with special guests Kiba Walker and Elgin Alway. Interested in voice over work? Join Kiba Walker and Elgin Alway as they take your questions in regards to the world of voice acting

Join or Die with Shawna Hafen Have you ever had an opinion on a geek topic? Now’s your chance to voice your opinion as host Shawna Hafen invites to take part in an audience driven round of JOIN OR DIE!!!

DCTV Is Bright on Earth-1. For five years, the CW network has building a stable of shows based on the DC Comics universe. But are these shows better than the now growing DC Cinematic Universe? Join our panel as they discuss the good and bad of the CW TV DCU.

Star Trek in Film. From the Wrath of Khan to the Kelvin Universe. From deleted rock monsters to celebrity cameos. Join our panel as they discuss the journey Star Trek has taken from TV to film.

Iron Cosplayer. Care to test your skills at making last minute cosplay? Take part in this thrilling game to see if you have what it takes to make a cosplay out the objects given.

Trailer Trash Do you think the Rogue One Trailer is awesome? Has the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer made you excited? Are you pumped for Wonder Woman after that sneak peek at SDCC? Join our panel and see how your predictions stake up.

Geek Swap. Ever received something in a Loot Crate or Nerd Block that you wished you could trade for something cooler/ Now’s your chance. Just bring your no bigger than 16×16 box and see you can’t swap out that Sheldon Bobblehead for a Penny, or that Bayverse Transformers shirt for one more Generation 1. And you don’t have to bring any cash! You enter with stuff, and leave with cooler stuff! It’s that easy.




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